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Having been to Poland many times bringing over 60 teams on mission trips, our mission partners in Poland are currently working directly with Ukrainian refugees coming into Poland.

We felt it necessary to help them by providing prayerful, practical, and financial support. If you can help us to do this it will be very much appreciated.

After spending 3 weeks in Poland doing winter camps. The talk daily is Ukraine because one of Poland’s neighbouring countries is Ukraine. Tens of thousands of Ukrainians are fleeing to Poland to take refuge, often women and children, as the men remain to defend their country. Our mission friends in Poland are helping as best they can with food, shelter, and support. Help us, help them, to help the Ukrainians. We can’t help all but we can help some. At one of our camps, many of the children were from Ukraine. There are strong believers in Ukraine, there are many believers and we have a duty to do what we can when we can, now is one of those moments in history. This is why we have set up this go fund me, to help our brothers and sisters from Ukraine in Poland.

We work directly with our friend and mission partner in Poland, Henryk Podsiadly of the Joy Foundation in Poland. Chrzescijanska Fundacja Radosc. I have known and worked with Henryk for almost 15 years. We have taken more than 60 teams to Poland, most of them organised by Henryk. 

This fundraiser is raising funds for the Ukrainian crisis. Henryk’s ministry has vehicles, that are used to transport the refugees to safe shelters. He uses the vehicles for food and purchases a lot of essentials for this great work. The funds raised will be bank transferred from Northern Ireland to Poland from ministry to ministry so all is transparent. No fees are taken out of this support, it goes 100% to Henrykes ministry of helping the Ukrainians.

Thank you for your cooperation, help, and understanding. Little is much when God is in it. We have met, and worked with these Ukrainian children, beautiful people. We must do what we can, while we can when there is time.

Donate Via PayPal

Donations also available via PayPal, please mark donation for Ukraine.

“Do not neglect to do good and to share what you have, for such sacrifices are pleasing to God.”

Hebrews 13:16

Bank Transfer: Please contact for details.

Or by cheque to “Hope for Youth Ministries” and send to Colin Tinsley, 6 Hawthorn hill, Kinallen, Dromore, BT25 2HY. (Mark it for Ukraine)

If you can gift aid. Here is the link:

Screenshot of

Video update 21st April 2022

43 big 40-foot lorries now sent to Poland for Ukraine 9/4/2022

Thank you.



To date, we have sent out 41 40-foot lorries of aid to help the victims of the conflict in Ukraine. I have seen first-hand how much the people appreciated all the items that were donated so we are organising another collection – this time for FOOD.

• WHEN: Saturday 09 April 10am to 11am
• WHERE: Drop-off points in all prominent towns in Northern Ireland.

There will be a location / vehicle with a sign saying FOOD FOR UKRAINE. A list of specific locations will be issued in the next few days. If you would like to be responsible for a pickup point please see below.


(Long-life food) Tins of food (meat, beans, etc.), cereal, pot noodles, sweets, pasta, rice- Fresh / perishable items are not suitable: Please do not send fruit, vegetables, yoghurts, eggs, fresh meat, etc. Neither are any items in glass bottles as these may break. – Please put all food into a box and tape it closed, so it can be stacked on a pallet. (Please do not send bags)- Please do not send clothes or other items as they will be refused.

This collection is FOOD ONLY

• FINANCIAL GIFTS: These are welcome & will be used to purchase food in Poland, which reduces transportation logistics. – Our gofundme page is still open – If you wish to donate by other means (bank transfer, cheque, Paypal, cash) or to discuss Gift Aid to increase gift by 25% if you are a tax payer please contact me.

• FANCY A CHALLENGE? – Ask your local shop to set out a BOX FOR UKRAINE so customers can buy a tin and drop it in.

– Ask your school to encourage each child to bring in a tin of food and box them up.

– Ask if your church hall could be used as a collection point for your congregation and community?

• CAN YOU HELP?- If you would like to be responsible for manning a collection point from 10am to 11am on Saturday 9th April (or opening a church hall, etc. at other times) please contact me ASAP with the location so I can add it to the list.

– If you have a van / trailer / small lorry could you help transfer items from your local pickup location to our main sorting stations in Antrim and Portadown? Please be at the local collection point from 10am to 11am so people can place items directly into your vehicle. Thank you for your generosity, kindness and support as we endeavour to coordinate a practical demonstration of Christian love to those in need. In recent years, we have met many Ukrainian children and adults through our camp ministry in Poland. They are beautiful people and we must do what we can, while the door of opportunity is opened. Little is much when God is in it!

If you can organise a location PM me and I can add it to the list.

More lorries arrived this week 25th March

30, 40-foot lorries have now arrived in Poland and either used within Poland or transferred direct to Ukraine. The Ukrainian people are so grateful to the people of Northern Ireland for their kindness and generosity and BIG HEART ♥

Lorries 23 & 24 arrived safely to Warsaw

…Poland last night. Unloaded and reloaded and driven straight to Ukraine. Food donations ongoing.

Clothes, bedding, towels and more

Marzena Snarska – Help for refugees from Ukraine has arrived this week: clothes, bedding, towels, personal hygiene products, some food. This time help is from Northern Ireland. Thank you Colin Tinsley and all your friends who participated. Half of the received items have already reached Ukraine, and the rest will be given to our Ukrainian guests in Bialystok and the surrounding area. A big thank you to everyone who helped with the unload and segregation!!

Lorry No.32 and it is full of food

Another local man – James Greer from Hillsborough – leaves for Poland, Saturday 19th March.

Saturday 19th March morning arrivals

3 big lorries from Northern Ireland arrived at the Makro parking lot this morning full of humanitarian Aid. They are being reloaded onto Ukrainian lorries. 2 more lorries from Northern Ireland will arrive later today and will be reloaded as well. Good weather, Lots of volunteers helping. Thankful to God and to Colin and Joanna Tinsley and to all the donors for this great support to our brothers and Sisters in Ukraine. 19 of 32 lorries from Northern Ireland have been reloaded so far. Today 5 more will be done today. 8 more next week. Please help Chrześcijańska Fundacja Radość in our efforts to support those fleeing the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Thanks to your donations, we can send food to those in need and provide shelter for those left without a home.

Food for Ukraine

Yesterday (18th March) 4 Ukrainian vans showed up at my yard asking for food. Even the Director of a hospital himself drove an ambulance from Ukraine to Warsaw to fill it with food. This shows you how desperate they are and we all should be the same. Thanks to the donors’ generosity we were able to buy pallets of food earlier and filled the vans. More pallets, vans and trucks of food needed in Ukraine. This morning I ordered 8 more pallets of tinned meat. On Monday I will order even more food because the Ukrainian vans keep coming to me just with one request – Food. Please help Chrześcijańska Fundacja Radość in our efforts to support those fleeing the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Thanks to your donations, we can send food to those in need and provide shelter for those left without a home.

Back home

…after 3 weeks covering the aid lorries heading to Poland. 32 lorries in total. Nice surprise on our door from someone thoughtful. Tired, emotional and extremely blessed. We serve a great God.

At the Polish/Ukrainian border🇵🇱 🇺🇦

Uni on hold

17 year olds, getting ready for university but now might never happen… Shattered dreams!

Organising the aid

How the aid is distributed in Poland 🇵🇱

Aid visits

Meeting a Pastor in a church were one of the lorries of aid arrived. He was so touched and grateful at the kindness of Northern Ireland.

🇺🇦 Ukraine 🚛🇵🇱 Poland 🚛🇬🇧 Northern Ireland

“Five lorries of humanitarian aid arrived to Warsaw from Northern Ireland today and one after another were reloaded and sent to Ukraine. I am happy to become part of the process of helping our glorious country. Thank you Colin and Joanna Tinsley for this opportunity! I could never imagine that such an enormous amount of humanitarian aid could be organized for such a short period of time.” – Peter Panin.

19 lorries have now made it to Poland

Three arrived together. PACKED FULL ☺

Trailer no 13 and 14 has arrived…

Trailer No.12 has arrived to Warsaw

6 more arriving tomorrow.

Youth meeting in Warsaw

The presence of God was very real tonight in the youth meeting, packed full of Ukrainian refugees, beautiful people. The boys were singing about being thankful to God in all things.

Visiting the children

I often like to visit on a Sunday afternoon. Today was a visit to see some children.

Aid to Warsaw

“A load of aid safely delivered to Warsaw yesterday. I’d like to thank Robin Harper and Colin Tinsley Hope For Youth Ministries for the opportunity to be able to help in some small way. I hope it finds the people of Ukraine well and this war comes to an end soon. Thanks to everyone else involved in making the journey possible!” – Neil Aiken

BBC Newsline update

Truck number 10 unloaded and heading for home

Thanks to driver Neil.

Trailer No.30 leaves Harpers Yard in Kinallen

Almost 500 tons of aid enroute to Ukraine via Poland. Thanks TO EVERYONE AT HOME IN NORTHERN IRELAND for making this possible.Thanks to Robin Harper for his vision!

Thanks to Tinsley Contracts

Thanks to local man Keith Tinsley of Tinsley Transport (Tinsley Contracts) who has moved trailers around for us during our appeal and for allowing us to park trailers in his yard.
Your help is very much appreciated.
God Bless

Bun fun for Ukrainian refugees 🇺🇦

Update from Colin

Delighted with the huge response on our gofundme. 100% of these funds are going directly for aid for Ukraine and their REFUGEES, namely food. NO ADMINISTRATION COSTS.The first lorries have been unloaded, reloaded and arrived safely to Ukraine with children bouncing with joy. Help us build it more.

Safe Travels

Another local man away today – Daniel Flynn, from Dromara – thanks for all your help and thanks to Big Danny for all his help last Saturday and during the week shifting trailers for us. God Bless and Safe Travels.

We have bought 40 pallets of tinned meat so far

We keep loading them one by one on Ukrainian vans and lorries. We will run out of those pallets by next week. By then we need order and buy another 20 – 30 pallets. Thank you very much for your prayers and support.

Another real life story

There are some unexpected additional costs

Well, drivers of Ukrainian trucks, which we load here in Warsaw with humanitarian aid coming mainly from Northern Ireland, are also asking me to refuel their trucks with diesel at least partially. We need more money to buy more diesel for them so that humanitarian aid could reach as far into Ukraine as possible. I have already refueled 4 Ukrainian trucks, 150 liters each, but there will be many more of these trucks from Ukraine to be refueled as well as our 3 foundation vans which carry food every day. After sending 15 pallets of canned meat to Ukraine we bought 28 more pallets. Please give if you can.

Portadown packing

Another great team of volunteers tonight in Portadown to get another lorry loaded. This load is catching the boat tomorrow night. Very encouraging to see so many young people wanting to help out. Thanks to Robin Harper for arranging all the transport and Hope For Youth Ministries for this opportunity to help serve.

Lorries No.7,8,9 arrive

Today we went shopping…. for tinned meat


to all the helpers who came along today at short notice. Your help is much appreciated.

God is good

Pastor Andrii Kochtiuk asked me today for a pallet of canned meat to be taken to Charków, I gave him more than that. On the other hand 3 pallets of pralines arrived from my Brother and friend Stefan Szmigiel from Germany. God is good and He provides. Today we also reloaded aid from 3 big lorries from Northern Ireland onto 3 big lorries from Ukraine we also put a lot Diesel in their tanks and off they went. 25 lorries to go. But I got some Feedback from Ukraine. Some of the vans we loaded earlier this week with canned meat and stuff arrived safely in Ukraine and they sent reports.

Loading help required

Is ANYONE FREE to help load 2 lorries at KINALLEN now, today 11 Kinallen road, Kinallen, BT252NL Just come over or call Robin 07787574883

Meet the children

Richard the lorry driver meets some of the children.

Sent with God’s Love

Says it all. The first box seen on the back of this lorry is God’s love from Northern Ireland, a people who care.

A1 Transport lorry leaving for Poland

Another load from A1 transport in County Fermanagh en route to Poland 🇵🇱

7 lorries have now arrived in Poland

Can anyone help reload trailers today in Kinallen. We have 3 lorries to fill. Please ring Robin Harper 07787574883

7000 refugees helped

Thousands of tins of ham bought to help feed the refugees. Thank you so much for giving, please keep it going.

Refugees picked up

With fathers left behind to fight for freedom, these mothers and children have to start a whole new life. Just arrived in Warsaw tonight.

I’m back in Poland

I’m back to Poland and great to see the lorries arriving. Great to see the willingness of the drivers doing this. Aid transferred and straight to Ukraine 🇺🇦

Fundraising idea

Pro Paramedics update

Totally overwhelmed by the generosity of my colleagues. Only had a few days notice and filled a horse box of donations. I brought in 3 cardboard boxes not thinking I’d fill them. Thanks to everyone for the kindness and help! I can’t wait to see this getting over to Poland to a team of my family and friends I know will put every item here to good use. Absolutely chuffed this is going to a cause so close to me. God is good. God is in the centre of hope for youth helping people to serve and giving opportunities.

9th March Update 3 – Portadown

Margaret Tinsley is with Colin Tinsley and 9 others. First container in Portadown almost full- 😀🇺🇦thanks to all the brilliant volunteers. Update…. a huge Thank you to Darrin Foster, from Gordys 2 Chippy, who just called in with chips and gravy for everyone…thank you so much for your thoughtfulness, they were cleared in 5 mins😆

9th March Update 2 – Kinallen

Good to be part of the enthusiastic Ukrainian Appeal Team today at Kinallen. Three 40ft trailers filled today with precious cargo donated by the good people of Northern Ireland. Robin, Colin & Joanna have to be highly commended for their tremendous efforts in leading this work.

Video of 1st lorry arriving

The 1st lorry has arrived and unloaded.. The last family at the end of the movie with a wee baby… They just arrived from Ukraine yesterday, their house was bombed and they lost absolutely everything.

7th March Food purchase

Chrześcijańska Fundacja Radość – Today 17 pallets of canned food that we bought on Friday arrived from the Factory. 4 pallets are already in Ukraine or on the way there. A lot food bought in Makro and forwarded to Ukraine.

Dzisiaj przybyło z Fabryki 17 palet konserw, które kupiliśmy w piątek. 4 palety są już na Ukrainie lub w drodze. Sporo jedzenia kupowane w Makro i wysyłane na Ukrainę.

1st lorry arrived in Poland

Joanna delighted to see the 1st Lorry arrive in Poland.

Monday 8th March – 2 lorries leaving

Another 2 trailers filled and off to Poland. Filling lots more trailers today at 11 Kinallen Road, Kinallen, BT252NL. Help Needed to load please. Just come on over.

Omagh Collection Update

Cherith Anderson is with Claire Anderson and 7 others in Omagh.
I am blown away by the overwhelming response from the people of Northern Ireland, for their kindness and generosity! We collected donations from the people of Omagh and the surrounding area on behalf of Hope For Youth Ministries where we filled 3 cattle trailers, a transit van, a landrover, 2 jeeps and a car FULL TO THE BRIM!!! Donations from schools, organisations, individuals and even lovely Polish natives who have been living in NI. These donations were then delivered to a local warehouse in Portadown and the main drop off in Kinallen, Co. Down where it was being loaded onto lorries headed for Poland and Ukraine to help those in great need, Henryk Podsiadly ! Thank you to Colin Tinsley , Joanna Tinsley and Robin Harper for all their organising! Please continue to pray for Ukraine!

And to remember the words of the Lord Jesus, how He said, it is more blessed to give than to receive

Acts 20 v 35

Portadown collection Update

A massive thanks to everyone who helped out with the Ukraine collection in Portadown today ! Then to those from Omagh , Cookstown, castlederg , Dungannon and Fermanagh who left over and stacked lorry loads of aid! A tireless effort all day but well worth it will be a help to be so many enduring difficult times!!!

Photos/Videos from Saturday Packing

Rebecca Mayne

Fantastic effort in Ballyclare….one lorry filled and a trailer with another lorry load to go on Monday. “little is much when God is in it!”

Helen & Jim Gilliland

Very busy day packing items for Ukraine refugees heading into Poland.

Noreen Anderson

Big shout out to Moira thank you to everyone who donated your generosity was amazing. Thank you Joanne for your prayers a very special moment. God Bless xx

Saturday Update

What a day. Good to have my Dad help out on his 84th birthday. 25, 40 foot lorries now filled and still being loaded. Thank you so much to everyone who had given aid and money.

Ann Patterson

Overwhelmed by the support , donations and help from everyone this morning, Thank you to your all !
Everything heading for Ukraine.

Victoria Catterson

A productive morning today, helping load 2 lorries with much needed supplies to Poland for the Ukrainians seeking refuge from the conflict. Unbelievable effort from all involved, especially Gareth Sproule and Deborah Sproule at Ezi Eggs.👏👏👏👏👏👏

Alison Louise Dick

Stephen Irwin

Big thanks to all who came and helped this morning at Rusks (Clogher Valley Golf Club) for the Hope For Youth Ministries appeal for aid for the Ukrainian Refugees that are in Poland. The response was amazing.

Katie Massey

What an amazing day!! Was so overwhelmed with the kindness and love ❤️ God is good

Ezi Eggs

Castlederg and surrounding areas you are amazing you have sent away 2 lorries of clothing, bedding and toiletries plus 2 cars full and a van full of food to Poland/Ukraine. When I started to appeal on Monday I was hoping to fill my cattle trailer… how wrong was !! Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart, I can assure this will be going to good use!

Rebecca Mayne

Sorting out donations this morning for Ukraine. How gorgeous are these beautiful wee hats and booties! Thanks so much Roberta Costello! Really appreciate it!


Most drop off locations will be available on Saturday from 10-11am. After 11am, vans etc. will make their way to Kinallen (Location 1). Help required in loading.

SOS Hauliers / Transport Guys

We have been overwhelmed by the response to our Ukrainian appeal have already 10 trailers filled and our warehouse is bunged. Can anyone lend us a 40ft box container or curtain sider – doesn’t have to be European spec as it is only temporary storage (even a non runner would be great). To be brought to Kinallen this morning if possible or we can arrange pick up if necessary. Your container will be emptied next week in Kinallen to go to Poland.If anyone is available to transport a load please also get in contact.Please share with anyone you know who could help us. Please contact Robin asap 07787574883 Thank you again for all your support.

Rebecca Mayne Hopes Shop, Rathcoole

Just to get 4/5 more black bags from mum and starting to pack up the car. Thank you so much to all who have helped and shared donations! God loves a cheerful giver ❤️

Bloomfield Shopping Centre, Bangor

THANK YOU ❤️ The units have now closed for donations. All donations received are being sent to the distribution centre before they leave for the Ukrainian camp in Poland tomorrow night with Hope for Youth Ministries. These units were filled and emptied about four times. Eight vans and trailers full to the brim, a horse box and a packed Ulsterbus (thank you Robert & Janine) have been sent to the distribution centre already.We are so grateful! Our hearts are full and we have been blown away by the generosity of our customers and the help received and offered by our Bloomfield friends.

Thank YOU

Some buzz in Kinallen tonight. All willing hands welcome tomorrow to load lorries.

10th 40ft trailer arrived

9pm here in Kinallen and the 10th 40 foot Trailer has arrived , that’s before tomorrow, the kindness of Northern Ireland is a shining light. An ulster bus full of aid just arrived.

Liz MacCombe – Omagh High School

So proud of our school community. Its been humbling to have to climb over mountains of bags each morning to get into my room. A huge effort that will mean the world to those who have been left with nothing.

OHS – We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone for bringing in items for the people of Ukraine. We have been overwhelmed with your generosity and kindness. All of the items were sorted by members of our SU and taken up to the Hope for Youth Ministries collection point today by Peter Thompson, who helped to load them up onto the lorry. They were absolutely delighted to see such an excellent response from our school community. Check out local media for more coverage and photos! Collections have now closed in school but if you have more items you would like to contribute, Crevenagh Park and Ride is being used as a pickup point tomorrow morning at 10am. Thanks again for your wonderful response.

Cheryl Wiseman – Ballymacash Primary School

Absolutely blown away with the generosity from our wee school.


Meet my new friend. He just arrived to Poland with his mum. I asked her could I take him home and with tears she said, he is all she has got. The cost of war!

Colin in Poland

Colin Tinsley in Poland yesterday helping load another lorry. This lorry will then drive 200 miles into Ukraine with food and clothing. Tomorrow at 50 locations around Northern Ireland you can leave toiletries, good clothing and footwear.


With 3, 20 foot lorries already filled, potentially there is another 10 to be filled today and tomorrow. If you are fit and can work please ring Robin on 07787574883 (please do not give your life story, just your availability) or come to the yard at 11 Kinallen road, Kinallen, BT252NL. From. 11am today or 11am tomorrow. Many thanks, Colin Tinsley

4th March Update

From Chrześcijańska Fundacja Radość

Nice weather, nice people, nice ministry and hard work. I hardly have any power left to even make this post. I spent most of the day with Colin & Joanna helping loading a big Ukrainian which was empty this morning and full in the evening and finally head off to Ukraine. Random people were bringing food and stuff and I brought two full vans of goods as well. More empty lorries will show up in Warsaw soon. So be ready to collect and bring more goodies. I know of a few lorries full of food, toiletries, etc coming to Poland next week. We also visited 4 refugee shelters in Warsaw run by Pastors of Ukrainian and Polish Churches. All of them asked me to help them with food mainly to be sent over to Ukraine because their fellow believers from home are begging them for food. I am sure the need will grow so you who have more than enough be ready to share what you have with those in the war zone. I want to thank Brothers and Sisters and friends from Northern Ireland and from all over the world for filling those lorries and for raising funds for our ministry towards Ukraine. It made myself brave enough to buy 15 pallets of canned meat spending £30K. I will make sure that it will reach the needy in different parts of Ukraine.

3rd March Update 4

Well done Ballymacash Primary School!

Just want to say a massive thank you to everyone in the maternity and neonatal units at Altnagelvin Hospital who raised money and bought/donated all this and more to the Ukrainian aid appeal. Your generosity is really much appreciated!

3rd March Update 3

1st Container Filled and ready to go.

3rd March Update 2

Polish shelter.

3rd March

Immediate help for food and purchasing of necessities is a priority please support if you can.

Below is a list of locations throughout Northern Ireland for pickup this Saturday 5th March between 10am and 11am. Look out for a vehicle with a paper on a stick saying UKRAINE. For further enquiries or bigger loads or further drops, these can be taken to Kinallen today or tomorrow. Contact Robin 07787574883 or Andrea 07818060592

Due to the tremendous response, if you have a van, trailer etc please go to a pick up near you on Saturday morning and offer your help to transport items to Kinallen.

2nd March Update 2

One church hall in one night. There are dozens of halls and homes all over Northern Ireland like this tonight. All to support those most in need in ukraine 🇺🇦 it is more blessed to give than to receive.

2nd March Update

THANK YOU to EVERYONE for their RESPONSE, for Praying…this is so important. For Paying…this is ongoing, now over £70,000 has been raised. We are overwhelmed with the response. Due to the unprecedented response to aid from all over Northern Ireland which has been fantastic. If anyone has car loads/van loads, the shed will be open on Thursday and Friday from 1pm to 8pm.The address is 11 Kinallen road, Kinallen, BT252NL

If anyone is available to help sort and load lorries during these hours on Thursday, Friday or Saturday please contact Robin Harper 07787574883

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