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Across Northern Ireland, Hope for Youth Ministries has the privilege of visiting more than 250 schools and is the largest aspect of our work. We are thankful for this opportunity, with new contacts being made all the time.

The nature of the visits vary depending upon the requirements of the school. This can involve simple Bible and literature distribution through to a 5 day programme. Five day programmes involve a series of sessions each lasting approx 60 minutes. During which children have the opportunity to enjoy chorus singing, Bible stories, fun quizzes and worksheets.

In this relaxed and supportive environment they are also encouraged to learn verses from the Bible. Great care is taken to ensure the children understand the true meaning behind each verse. Of course, spot prizes are a must which always helps the spirit of competition amongst the children! At the end of each meeting, children are given worksheets to take home and have the opportunity to ask questions about the story or any aspect of the programme, if they so desire.

The children clearly enjoy themselves and teachers often testify of how excited the children are to hear of the next visit or session. If you would like us to visit your school, simply get in touch. We would be delighted to speak with you regards any of our programmes.

Why not take a moment and watch the short video presentation below which will give you some further insight.