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We are passionate about presenting the truth of the Bible to children and nothing brings us more joy than to see young people learn scripture and lessons from Gods word. Bible Fun Weeks and Children’s Missions allow us to do just that! Travelling the length and breadth of Northern Ireland, we hold these events in mission halls, tents, barns, churches and more recently during or after school.

In fact anywhere, with or without a roof! News of the Fun Weeks spread quickly within the local area and each event can be attended by 80-120 children. As the children arrive, they are filled with excitement. It is such a blessing to see these young people ‘run’ from the buses into the hall in keen anticipation of what the next 60 minutes will hold. Whilst we work hard to ensure the meetings are fun and relevant, they are highly structured with the focus at all times being on God’s Word.

Children learn a new verse of scripture each day, which is carefully explained so they understand the meaning of what they are memorising. Through Bible stories, children are taught lessons from God’s Word, the way of Salvation and living the Christian life. Fun quizzes and choruses also help to teach children about the Lord and are great ways of reiterating God’s love for each individual child. At the end of the meeting, children are given worksheets to take home and are invited to speak with the leaders should they wish to talk about the Lord Jesus, ask questions about the story or if want to know more about becoming a Christian.

Probably the most exciting aspect of this work is watching children grow in their faith from one year to the next as we return to areas prev they iously visited. If you would like to hold a Bible Fun Week in your church, school or area, simply get in touch. We are always delighted to avail of new opportunities to share the love of God with children in this way.