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Summer camps are a time of brilliant fun and often provide life long memories and friendships for children. Away from the pressures of school and study, young people have time to reflect and think about their future. Through Summer Camps at Tollymore Forest Park, we have ceased upon this opportunity to help direct their thoughts to matters of eternity and Salvation.

Located in the middle of hundreds of acres of natural breath-taking forest, summer camp is a fun packed and supportive environment, where children and young people are challenged about the issues of Salvation, peer pressure, the Christian life and much more. Campers remain within the safety of the forest park for the entire week and the traditional nature of the camp means computer games and consoles are strictly prohibited! As well as being taught the word of God through Bible stories, memory verses, singing, sword drills and workshops, they are also presented with the truth of the Bible through fun activities such as nature walks and treasure hunts. Of course camp would not be camp unless a good soaking was part of the agenda! Games involving copious amounts of water and the longest slippery slope you have ever seen, makes for great lighthearted fun, laughter and fellowship.

Campers are split into teams which compete throughout the week for coveted prizes and goodies! Importantly, parents/guardians can be rest assured that children are supervised at all times by an enthusiastic and caring band of Christian Camp Leaders. At the end of each day, children are provided with the opportunity to ask questions about anything they have heard in the meetings or discuss issues relevant to them. During these short devotional times, Camp Leaders also share their faith and close the time in prayer.

We currently run 2 Summer Camps for the following age groups: Children’s Camp: 8-14 (6 day camp). Youth Camp: Those currently in 1st year at High School and older (4 day camp). Tent accommodation is provided with each tent sleeping 8-10 people. The camp site is well equipped with toilet/shower facilities. We also run a generator in order to provide lighting, chilled storage and cooking facilities.

If you would like to come along as a camper, become a volunteer or just find out more, simply get in touch – we would love to hear from you.

Download and complete the application form (PDF) below.