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creationbook-cover1-210x300Creation is one of the most interesting and fascinating subjects we can talk about. All around we can see the perfect handiwork of God. The grass, tress, animals and people are all the work of God.

In this colourful 48 page book, Colin has sough to tell the creation story from the beginning of teh work until God destroyed the world with a flood and started to repopulate the earth all over again.

creationbooklet-inside-300x241From the beginning God had a perfect plan and something went wrong, terribly wrong. In this book you can read all about God’s perfect plan for us and how he sent his Son Jesus into the world to save us. Every generation needs to hear this story and here it is told again for the children of today. Cick here to read an excerpt.

Copies are available directly from Colin Tinsley or all good Christian bookshops.

Price £1.95

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