No Ordinary Journey




In the pages of No Ordinary Journey you read of the power of one life, the importance of one decision and the value of one soul. Colin Tinsley is a man who experienced the love of Christ for him. This in turn allowed him to discover the love of Christ for children all around the world.

In this gripping book, Colin tells how he met his wife Joanna in Poland and how he gave up a career in the retail industry with Marks & Spencer to enter full-time Christian work, travelling thousands of miles around Northern Ireland and overseas each year, share the Gospel message under the banner of “Hope for Youth Ministries.”

Prepare to laugh, but be ready to cry as you share in the moments of highest ecstasy before plunging to the depths of despair. One thing is, however, undeniable: the very hand of God is traceable on every page.

This is Colin’s story – of how God has used a simple country boy to reach thousands of children each year – all to the glory of God!

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