50 Famous Christians




When children hear of the exploits that famous Christians from years gone by accomplished for God they are fascinated! However, all too often, we instinctively assume that such men and women had privileged upbringings or were extremely gifted. As a consequence, the challenge to follow in their footsteps wanes.

In this book, as the reader makes their way through the 50 short biographies, they will quickly realise that the majority of these famous Christians faced many unfavourable circumstances in life. They were just normal people who had a passion in their hearts for winning souls and were willing to surrender their personal ambitions for the cause of Christ. The line-up includes sportsstars, sailors and shoemakers; doctors, farmers and mill-girls!

Crucially, God hasn’t changed: Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever. He still seeks Christians who love Him and want to shake the world on His behalf. This book will inspire children to put God first in their lives and will assure them that God can use them to build His kingdom. Colin testifies: “As a child, I dreamed of serving God but never thought I was qualified. However, after serving Him full-time for over 20 years, I can humbly proclaim that God delights in picking up and using the simple things of this world!”

Includes Puzzles and Activities

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